RedEye CRO Division is a UX-drive CRO agency, providing end-to-end implementation of A/B tests informed by user research and other UX methodologies. 

User/Usability Testing Sessions

Due to the nature of the deliverables for these testing sessions, and to maintain participant privacy they cannot be shown here but I can describe the process used. 

Client Briefing

A client briefing takes place where the stakeholder requirements for the testing are recorded, and the sessions are explained to new clients. Generally the length of testing is also discussed, and the devices, as well as the areas of the product to be explored, and any specific requirements for participants.

Recruitment Briefing

Sessions normally take place in the RedEye usability labs, with 6-12 professionally recruited participants. The recruitment specification is created based on the client briefing and is passed to the recruiters once approved. This document contains requirements based on the client's user base,  as well as device usage requirements, and the usual exclusions such as no one who has completed research within the past year, and no market research or UX professionals.

Discussion Guide

The discussion guide is a task-based document to provide context for the participant walkthrough of the product. Issues which may arise are highlighted as well as key flows based on the stakeholder requirements and user needs. It is also the document which I follow in session with users when moderating. 

Usual format is as follows:

Introduction to session, equipment etc. Verify that everything recorded is confidential. Initiate eye-tracking on desktop sessions.
Introductory questions to get an idea of user experiences, as well as build rapport with users.
Tasks with prompting guides.
Final debrief of session.

Sessions normally last 1 hours. 

Presenting Findings

After in session research is complete key issues, rated by severity and next step recommendations are provided to the client in a report. This includes suggestions for IA work such as Card Sorting, A/B test suggestions, simple wireframes for design changes, general changes to make and quick development or design fixes. These suggestions are also presented in an in person debrief, where additional solutions from the client's perspective can be discussed. 

Other Research

Polls and Surveys

Using Hotjar polls are often set up for clients to obtain additional details and insights into areas for exploration on their website. Some examples are to the right. We follow a statistical sample size calculation based on 5% margin of error, and 95% confidence for the sample size. Depth of analysis of the results is dependent on the client, and the range of responses received. 

For example, for a travel client the follow poll was implemented on their site. It appeared as a tab on the left hand side of specific pages:
What were you looking for during your visit today (select all that apply)?

  • Flights
  • Destination information
  • Accomodation
  • Comparison of holidays
  • Other (please describe)